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Maple Leaf ML-202 blue siding 2 bedroom 2 bathroom with a full finished walk out basement
2 story, large windows, shed roofs, modern design, available now, modular home

Modular Homes

Mini home with big windows, 1 bedroom, atrium living room design
Modern mini home, high ceilings, shed roof, cedar shingles, metal roof, prefab home, Maritime Homes

Mini Homes

74ft mini home with 2 atriums, large windows, ensuite, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1175sq ft, READY TO SHIP
Custom one storey home, ready to ship, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, peak roof, black exterior trim, Modern design

Available Now

ML-402 mini home, blue siding, lots of storage, the bedrooms are placed on opposite ends of the house for maxium privacy
Custom ML-201 lake front cottage, Barrington Nova Scotia,

Smaller Homes/

Land minutes from Bridgewater Nova Scotia 1 to 3 acre lots for sale today
No Land, No Mortgage, No Problem

Maritime Homes has a variety of options for land and financing. Please drop in or call/email us to discuss the possibilities

Videos You Should See

Modular Home Delivery

This is a drone filmed video showing the process of how modular homes are delivered. Some homes like this one, need a crane t0 put it in place. Other homes may be able to be slid off the truck.

Home Brochures

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Maple Leaf Modular Home Brochure
Maple Leaf Mini home Brochure
Maple Leaf Cottage Brochure
Maple Leaf home planning guide

A proud retailer of Maple Leaf modular homes

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